Friday, January 2, 2009

Olivia's reflections about New Year's at Gull Lake

I know some of you guys probably don't know about Gull lake. But it is a fun fun fun family camp!! We went there for new years eve!

We got to build our own floats in the parade (there was even a little parade Princess!) We went sledding - bumpy ride! I met some new friends there - Hope, Allison, Maggie and Elizabeth. We went on a Family Photo Scavenger Hunt. Oh, I haven't got to the part where it was freezing cold and snowing!

Now I'm going to jump to the New Year's celebration...
I got to have my first communion at Gull Lake. Then there was a candlelight service. Then they said we could just go "all wild" until midnight! And guess what? There was a balloon drop! Woo Hoo! After that I was so tired, I just flopped on my bed and went to sleep!

Hope to see YOU there next year!



Erin said...

Hi Guys! Welcome to Blogworld. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Have fun! E

Dee Dee Ball said...

Thanks Er- once again you are a great role model!