Saturday, January 3, 2009

Facebook junkie

Well, I've gone and started up a Facebook account. Rich has been suggesting it forever and promised that I would have fun. What he didn't tell me is how addicting it is! I realize that there is alot of traffic since I just started it today but I want to know who all my friends are!

I've got along way to go to catch up to some of my friends. My neice for example has over 300 friends and as many photos posted. Yikes! That's alot of time invested!

This is just another way I'm hoping to make 2009 the best year ever!


Shea Family said...

I must say, I find myself "hanging out" a lot on fb. Enjoying it a little too much perhaps. I also hope it was due to no real schedule these past two weeks.

Louie said...

Welcome to the fold, DeeDee. It's a wonderful way to catch up with people. I just found Brendan Carr, Robbie Pasquinucci, Jeff Scullin, Jerry Palmisano through the search feature. Very cool.

jody said...

Okay, I have to ask, how do I get the Sign Language icon that's on your sidebar onto my blog?? You know I have to have that!!