Saturday, September 12, 2009

Apple pickin'

The Honeycrisp apples were in at Lynd's today. I say were as they are picked out! We got a few bags before they ran out and they are good! There are little hands here who want o make caramel apples. I just remember the goodies I came up with to use the left over caramel. Oh so good!
We got to go with some friends from church. My discipleship partner has a love of good fresh produce as I do so we make a great pair. A few weeks ago we went out the the farm and got sweet corn, peaches and pick your own berries. I came home, made jam and canned my first peaches - oh so good. It was the first year I did freezer corn too. That is alot of work! The peaches seemed worth it but the corn, not as much. I tried to get more peaches todaya nd someone took the last basket right before my very eyes! Bummer! I think the 40 # of apples should hold me over for a while though.

Been making tomato sauce straight from the garden peppers, tomatoes and zuchinni too. Oh man is it good! Even the girls are helping lately to blanch and smoosh the tomatoes to get them ready. Freezer jars are my friend this year. Now if I just had a spare freezer, I could do so much more.

Reilly and I are taking a digital photography class so maybe I will learn how to post photos. I switched my sd card so it does not get automatically sucked down into out secret storage lock down back up system. I will just have to make sur I don't lose these pics as they won't automatically get backed up. I'm looking forward to all my new knowlege!